My first post of 2017 coming from Sydney! I’ve been experiencing a little deja vu recently. Two years ago, I made the move from my very comfortable home in Vancouver to London all by myself. Now, exactly two years later, I find myself on the other side of the world, Sydney, doing the same thing I did in London. I thought things would be a breeze since I successfully built an awesome life after two years in London. What I forgot is the beginning of moving abroad, regardless of how many times you’ve done it, is the hardest part - for me at least. Most people say the first 6 months living in a new place is the hardest part and I’ll have to agree with that, especially if you’re moving over with no friends, no flat and no job. You’re basically starting from scratch. So, here are 5 things I always try to remember when moving abroad:


Relax and de-stress. In the midst of recreating your life in another part of the world, there is some pressure to get all the life admin stuff done ASAP so that means life will get crazy and overwhelming. Whether it’s going for a run or reading a book, always find time to unwind. Or maybe even take up a new hobby. I’ve had days where I spent hours and hours looking for flats to the point where I become obsessed. I can say it’s not healthy and you’ll drive yourself crazy if you don’t give yourself the me time you deserve. 

australia beach

Meet new people. One of the best parts about moving abroad alone is the opportunity to meet so many awesome people. It can get really lonely, especially the first couple of weeks when you’re sorting out your own life and don’t think you have time for friends but you just have to make the time. Meet up with old friends that are in the city you now are or get friends from home to introduce you to people. Or just go online - there are tons of expats in the same position wanting to make friends.

Remind yourself why you moved. There are probably multiple reasons why you moved so keep reminding yourself why to stay motivated. I moved to Sydney for the weather, beaches and travel which means I guess I have to beach more... I remember whenever I was down in London I would just go out to some of my favourite spots (Southbank or Regent’s Canal) and that made me think, ‘Wow, I live here’. 

manly beach

Breathe! Because eventually, everything will work out given you’re proactive. I’m prone to freaking out loads because of how unstable and disruptive my life is (ie. now). But as long as you put in the time and effort to make things happen, life will eventually fall into place. 

Without a doubt, moving away from home is always hard but home will always be there. There’s always the option of moving back. The first couple of months will be difficult but if you want it bad enough, you’ll do it and you'll look back and laugh about how stressed you were. It’s funny reading my own advice...now I just have to apply it! Sorry - not a picture heavy post. I haven’t even had time to touch my camera but promise to soon! Ok, back to job and flat hunting - BYE!