During my short 10 day trip to Korea, I spent two days in Busan, which lies along the Southeast coast of Korea and is about two and a half hours away. Some people say it's a more traditional area of Korea. The city is really spread out with lots to do and see - I could've easily spent a week there but had to pick and choose with my limited time. 

One of the picks was the Gamcheon Cultural Village, which is on top of a hill about 15 minutes away from the city centre. It was such a pleasant surprise because I didn't expect to see an area like this in Korea at all. The village is full of colourful buildings and has an artsy vibe that is visibly kept up throughout. I couldn't stop taking photos of the different coloured homes while exploring the neighbourhood so I decided to gather all my shots in a visual diary for you to see yourself. 

There's also an area where you can send postcards, which is where I met Chool Kyun. He's a volunteer educator in Gamcheon Cultural Village and was the only person who knew some English. He took me to the rooftop viewing area where he spent time explaining the history and significance of this area. Maybe that's why I enjoyed this part of the trip so much. :)