I wouldn’t say I’m an expert hiker but hiking is definitely one of my favourite outdoor activities, especially in the summer. I try to do at least one hike, small or big, every place I visit. I saw pictures of Trolltunga on Instagram and literally booked a flight to Bergen just to do this hike. Before going, I researched how long it would take to hike and most said 10-12 hours. 10-12 hours?!?! Even though I’m pretty active, I’ve never done a hike that long before so I was nervous. 

I flew into Bergen to meet my Canadian friend who lived there at the time. We spent the day exploring the tiny and cute town of Bergen before making our way to Trolltunga the next morning. We stocked up on loads of food and bought extra clothes - I must've had at least 5kg worth of food in my backpack (just in case). It took us three hours to drive from Bergen to Skjeggedal, the starting point of the hike. 

Drive to Trolltunga from Bergen

We thought we made pretty good time until we were stopped for two hours by a roadblock in this small town called Lofthus. Even though our hike was delayed, It was nice to stop and explore such a scenic area. 

Everything I read online said to start the hike at 10AM latest…We didn’t start the 22km trek until 2PM. I was so nervous the whole time that we wouldn’t finish or would have to turn around. 

It was 11km to the top. The first kilometre felt like death - maybe partly because I was so frazzled and nervous about finishing but it was a 45 degree uphill, muddy climb. The next 2-4 kilometres were steep as well but still not as bad as the first. The scenery was like nothing I’ve seen, I felt like I was on The Discovery Channel. I look back and the mountains were covered green but if I looked ahead there would be bits of snow. 

The second half wasn’t too bad - relatively flat. My favourite part besides the top was around the 7km area where we saw this huge lake from the top surrounded by the mountains. Lots of people chose to camp here and it was absolutely breathtaking. If I had more time, I would definitely spend a day or two camping on the mountains. 

It was so glorious when we finally reached the top around 6PM. It wasn’t the sunniest day when we were there but the little rock that sticks out looked exactly like it did in photos. I sat on the edge for a second, 700m above the lake with an epic view. I would say 100% worth the 4 hours to see that view. It wasn’t as nerve-racking as Pulpit Rock which I did last year because there was barely any wind.

We hung out at the top for an hour or so before making our way back down. Because we started so late, we luckily caught the sunset coming back down. We had the sun and mountains all to ourselves really…it was beautiful. It ended up being perfect timing. We made it down by 11PM just before it got dark. 

This hike was difficult but it was more about endurance than anything. Trekking through 22km in total was tough but we managed to complete the entire hike in 9 hours including an hour at the top for pictures. I was so shocked but impressed and exhausted at the same time. We decided to take a nap in the car before driving back to Bergen at 4AM and this is what it looked like... 

I'd definitely recommend this hike but I would say prepare yourself for the length of the hike and the views!