I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been travelling loads. Just came back from Iceland and have a few days until my next trip to the Balkans so thought I would take some time to write about my recent trip to Ibiza. 

When you’re a low key grandma like me, Ibiza can be a challenge. My Aussie friend, Bec, and I planned a little reunion on this party island last week. Last time I was there was three years ago so I know how crazy it can get but I was so excited to get the party and beach out of my system. 

I met Bec in San Antonio where our hotel was. We’re both mid to late twenties and felt ancient in comparison to everyone else that was staying on that side of the island. If I could book again, I would stay in Playa D’en Bossa instead - definitely more of an older age range out there but our 2 star hotel sufficed. 

We explored San An the first night as we prepared for a boat party the next day. That was the night I realised there is absolutely no dress code in Ibiza and anything goes. Next day we went on a boat party which took us around the island and out to Formentera. I wish we could’ve actually stopped on the island but we had a swim stop instead (but I can’t swim yet unfortunately so I just hung on to a rope for dear life). 

The next couple of days were just full on 24 hour days because Ibiza basically never sleeps. There was always a party on and I felt like I was wasting my days if I woke up in the afternoon…but then I remembered that my day won’t end until 7AM the next day. My favourite venue we went to was Ushuaia where we saw Avicii. The place itself was so nice and the show was amazing. I somehow snuck through to the front row - perks of being small? Ibiza is known for its legendary partying and honestly, it doesn’t fail to live up to that expectation. Still the best place in the world I’ve partied - the atmosphere and the music, of course, make it. Tickets are expensive though - I lived on grocery store salads during my stay. 

One of the best highlights of my trip though was venturing outside the big city to go for a little tanning sesh. On one of our last days we took a walk to Cala Gracio and Punta Galera which is a rocky area along the coastline where you can swim and tan near San Antonio. The views were stunning and the vibe was nothing like the normal Ibiza vibe - think topless tanning and hippies selling drinks near their shrine. 

It was definitely a nice getaway from responsibility and finally a taste of sun for me which is a rare thing in London.